Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Peat-free garden centre composts better than peat, says Which? Gardening

Carrickfergus Borough Council has been using peat free compost for years now but it has now been found that peat-free compost is out-performed its peat-containing rivals for the first time, according to tests by Which? Gardening. The magazine has awarded "best buys" for container compost to three peat-free varieties — Vital Earth Tub and Basket Compost, William Sinclair New Horizon Multi-Purpose Compost and Vital Earth Multi-Purpose Compost. But no peat-containing compost met best buy standards in Which? Gardening trials. Which? scored Scotts Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Compost the lowest total overall, with "plants performing poorly from the start and showing signs of nutrient deficiency within the first few weeks." Which? performed the tests in spring 2009 on Impatiens "Pink Sparkle" and "Sarpo Mira" seed potatoes in 624 containers, testing 26 multi-purpose, John Innes and specific container composts. A slow-release fertiliser was incorporated into each pot at the start and then pots were watered no more than once a day during the trial. Experts assessed the Impatiens for flowering and vigour on 3 occasions between June and October. The potatoes were harvested in August and their yield and quality recorded. Which? Gardening also recorded how often each pot required watering. Visit the Carrickfergus Borough Council website on biodiversity.

Dolphins at Blackhead Path

Thanks to Baba from Portugal who while walking along the Blackhead Path in Whitehead shoot this video of dolphins. To visit Baba's blog go to